Director: Renzo Vescovi

Valse is an open space performance built around a myth-category of European social culture, namely, the waltz.
As it is well-known, in this dance various elements are condensed: anthropological and cosmological ones: the spin as hypnotical bewilderment but Pythagoric homology with the rotation of celestial spheres as well, (its utmost synthesis, at vertiginous levels, is traceable in the whirling Dervishes of sufi mystic theology); social elements: through its practice, the convergence and autonomy of the partners is adjusted and encouraged; and also historical elements: the announcement of the finis Austriae has had its piercing epitaph in a masterpiece by Ravel, La Valse, with which the title of the performance flirts, with playful restraint.

The context is therefore impressive: the performance grafts on to the popular myth of the waltz, with its vortical lightness, the flashing of glances and the skirmish of smiles, a lyrical-dramaturgical framework that records the waltz as a symbol of the aesthetic option (as dance of emotions and its cultural reflection, the work of art) of the majority culture from the advent of the Modern Age with the stirs and catastrophes that go along with it.
A red thread, like the one in the British Navy hawsers, runs through the weaving: a restless girl, eluding the surveillance of her tutor, opens her large eyes wide into the world of adults at the great ball; a silly and sly monkey tempts her with its golden ball. Stilts, which are by now classical accessories of open space theatre, expand the composition of low-cut dresses, tulles and dinner jackets into an oniric-fabulous swirl evoked as a possible reaction to the grey of our cultural life.

The performance lasts 45 minutes and was performed for the first time in 1994.

Download: VALSE_Artistic dossier





«Beautiful and sweet show of TTB... one of those that warms up your heart and let you believe that not every hope dies at dawn»
Festival of the Mediterranean Institute of Theatre, Valletta (Malta)

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